Why join NEPCO

As a member of NEPCO, your voice is heard. With almost 9,000 member-residents, local and county agencies listen to our input. Instead of a single resident contacting El Paso County with a concern, the larger voice of NEPCO can raise issues with greater emphasis. Important information is given during every general meeting, providing insight into issues and an opportunity for Q&A not normally provided to the general public. Annual dues are extremely low for the benefits of membership and additional voices only increase NEPCO's impact on our greater community. Consider joining today!

How to join NEPCO

NEPCO has three types of membership; Active, Associate and Honorary Members, described below. Contact the Director of Membership for more information and to apply.

Active Membership

This type of membership is designed for Home Owners Associations (HOA) who want to leverage the strength of other HOAs when issues that span the county are encountered. Active members are entitled to vote as defined in the By-laws. To become an Active Member, the HOA can submit via this on-line application . The application requires:

1. The full name of the HOA and a description of the HOA's boundaries.

2. Contact information (Name, Phone, Address, E-mail Address) for the HOA's President and HOA representative to NEPCO.

3. A check made out to NEPCO for the year's dues in the amount of:
$20 base amount + 15¢ per represented household or lot in the development, with the total rounded up to the next $5.00 increment.
Example: A 215 lot development would pay $20.00 + (215 x $.15) = $52.25 rounded up to $55.
The member year runs from January to December. If the HOA is joins after January, dues will be prorated.

Associate Membership

This type of membership is designed to allow any individual, group or business to be associated with NEPCO. Associate membership may also include informally organized groups of property owners which have yet to be formally chartered as an HOA. Application to be an associate member is made to the NEPCO Board of Directors.  After review, the board will make a determination to accept the membership.  Associate members are not entitled to vote. Annual dues for Associate Members shall be $25 for informally organized groups of homeowners and $75 for other applicants.
To become an Associate Member, complete this on-line application. It requests the following information:

1. An explanation of why the applicant's interests are complementary to those of NEPCO.

2. The full name of the applicant and a description of the applicant's group, activity or business.

3. Contact information (Name, Phone, Address, E-mail Address).

4. A check made out to NEPCO in the appropriate amount for a one year membership.