Our Purpose

NEPCO promotes a community economic, ecological and sociological environment in which a high quality of life can be sustained for constituent associations and their residents. This is accomplished by:

  1. Taking necessary steps, on a nonpartisan basis, to protect the property rights of the member associations.
  2. Encouraging the beautification and planned development and maintenance of northern El Paso County, Colorado, by various governmental agencies as may affect the member associations.
  3. Providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas among, and educational opportunities for, member representatives.
  4. Serving as an area-wide point of contact for interaction with various levels of government and relevant agencies regarding land use matters impacting the quality of life of member associations and of their residents.

Area of Interest

NEPCO’s area of interest is bounded on the north by the El Paso County line, on the east by Meridian Road, on the south by a line extending eastward from I-25 along Northgate Blvd then Old Northgate Road then southward along Highway 83 then eastward along Shoup Road, and on the west by the ridge line of the Front Range of the Rockies