Sunday, July 25, 2021

How Your Dues Are Calculated

Membership Dues equals $20 base amount + 15¢ per represented household or lot in the development, with the total rounded up to the next $5.00 increment. (Example: A 215-lot development would pay $20.00 + (215 x $.15) = $52.25 rounded up to $55.) Membership runs from January to December. If joining in a month other than January, initial dues may be prorated. (Example: (Annual dues amount / 12) x number of months remaining in the year. ($53/12) x 8 = $35.33 rounded to $40)

Active Member Application Form

As a member of NEPCO, your voice is heard. With thousands of member-residents, local and county agencies listen to our input. Instead of a single resident contacting El Paso County with a concern, the larger voice of NEPCO can raise issues with greater emphasis. Important information is given during every general meeting, providing insight into issues and an opportunity for Q&A not normally provided to the general public.

The legal name of your community organization. This value will be used to identify your HOA/CO going forward. Please do not use acronyms or other abbreviations
The number of parcels or lots in your organization. This value determines your annual dues, so please be accurate and describe your organization as defined by the county
Help us to understand your organization by describing your area using major roads or landmarks.
Please provide the current organization President. This can be updated in the future, but allows us to start with a valid list of contacts
Phone in the form 123-123-1234
Although not required, many organizations have a standard email address such as "". If available, please provide us this valuable contact information
Please provide a name, phone and email for the person who will represent your organization to the NEPCO membership
The contact phone number for the NEPCO representative will help us stay more in touch with your organization
Please provide an email address for the new contact to our NEPCO organization. This allows us to communicate more effectively with our partner organizations
See amount calculation below.

By checking this box, you affirm that you are an authorized agent of the organization and are authorized to enter into an agreement with NEPCO as defined by our Privacy Policy found at the bottom of every website page
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