Articles and Mentions

Below are articles regarding NEPCO and issues impacting our community.

Neighborhood Governments and their Role in Property Values

HOAs are shown to improve property values. To read this entire article, click here.

Accessing the Impact of Restrictive Covenants on Housing

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Our Community News, Mar 2016

HOA representatives attending the NEPCO General Membership meeting on 12 Mar 16 received three transportation presentations. Rep Terri Carver spoke on local ...
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Our Community News, Jul 2015

NEPCO exchanges ideas on topics of common interest and develops collective responses to the county and the Town of Monument on issues affecting its members’ quality of life.
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Rep Carver Letter to HOAs

HOA colleagues, I received several inquiries on effective dates for the two new HOA laws that provide regulatory exemptions. So, I thought it might be useful to send that ...
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