Our History

NEPCO was incorporated as a Nonprofit Corporation in June 2000, by the state of Colorado. It was formed by residents of homeowners associations in northern El Paso County as a means to (1) collectively influence the growth and development in northern El Paso County through structured and pro-active interaction with county planning officials and land developers, (2) share information among constituent homeowners associations that would be useful to all in managing their associations, and (3) address issues within the constituent homeowners associations that have bearing on other homeowners association’s areas of interest and responsibilities. Incorporation documents can be viewed here.


NEPCO is a coalition of 51 homeowner associations and residential areas not officially formed, representing more than 17,000 voting residents. The power of numbers provides collective wisdom to support good growth management through planned development, protection of property rights, encouraging beautification, and maintaining a high quality of life in northern El Paso County.

Transportation affects all El Paso County residents however in areas experiencing rapid growth such as the Tri-Lakes area, transportation takes on a larger role. Comprehensive, coherent and coordinated planning is required between communities, developers and neighborhoods to ensure that new development does not negatively impact the quality of life of current residents. NEPCO provides important links between the various parties impacted by new development. As NEPCO members reside both within the incorporated areas of Monument and Palmer Lake and in the unincorporated areas of El Paso County, NEPCO’s role as an integrator of comments to various governmental organizations and discussions with developers is critical to thoughtful development that promotes growth without negatively affecting current residents. The Transportation Committee was formed in August of 2013 and has already had significant positive impact on transportation systems in the Tri-Lakes area.

NEPCO’s Land Use Committee provides the forum and procedures for NEPCO to formally address development proposals provided by the county and the Town of Monument. NEPCO’s Land Use Committee has conducted more than 30 actions since NEPCO was formed in June 2000. These actions have been primarily in-depth reviews of county planning proposals such as re-zoning or new development plans. NEPCO has established a good working relationship with the County Planning Department. The county sends NEPCO all sketch plans, preliminary plans, and re-zoning requests for NEPCO's review and comment. The county planning department respects NEPCO's inputs because its process is thorough and systematic, providing constructive comments and reviews that exhibit common sense. NEPCO's reviews of county plans have resulted in many changes to the original plans, for the betterment of NEPCO member associations.

The newest committee, Membership, grows and maintains membership in NEPCO and ensures NEPCO provides valued services to our members in concert with NEPCO stated purposes. The Membership Committee works with the Board of Directors to maintain and grow HOA membership and encourage active participation. It also encourages non-member HOA’s within NEPCO boundaries to join through contact, education and providing valued services to all members. 

NEPCO holds general membership meetings every other month starting in January (six meetings per year). NEPCO association representatives attend the 2-hour meetings where NEPCO’s Land Use Committee chairman presents the status of county development activities, as well as NEPCO’s review and response to these plans. Each meeting includes a guest presentation designed to be of use to all homeowner associations and residential areas in NEPCO's area of interest.

All homeowner associations, and residential areas not yet incorporated as such, in northern El Paso County are welcome and encouraged to join NEPCO